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4 August 2008



Posted by itachi193 at 11:32 PM KDT
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14 July 2008 フリーミーコム

It should be old or there should be a lot of being linked or page rank should be high or which... Immature ear. It is and wax. do

Please do not be in the gap. Let's see how things go for a while. It shall not be good that it is a hit.

Posted by itachi193 at 8:30 AM KDT
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1 June 2008
Mood:  blue

電気は意外とあっさり止まった。NTTの電話がすぐに止まるのは知っていたが、まさかこんなにすぐ止まるとは。電気代が月末までだと思っていたら、 5/18までに3月分を払わないと止まると書いてあった紙をみつけたのが5/20。やばい、もう過ぎてるし。


Posted by itachi193 at 5:35 PM KDT
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15 May 2008
Information establishment commerce material
It is indebted, and it was thought, "This is good", and .... introduces the latest information establishment commerce material. It presents a free manual of useful manual and FX for establishment.

Posted by itachi193 at 12:58 PM KDT
Updated: 15 May 2008 1:03 PM KDT
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16 April 2008
Ferret Love

Do it become ferret parents foolish diary Kenshirou in magnificence about Hicatarou?It is a diary that depicts foolish parents of life and me of the brother, Kenshirou (albino) of our Canadian ferret, and Hicatarou (Serves) every day.

Posted by itachi193 at 11:51 PM KDT
Updated: 17 April 2008 12:06 AM KDT
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11 April 2008
Rental server information
Information on the rental server is offered by thinking about the cost centering on for personal, the hobby, SOHO, the affiliate, and SEO. I'm sorry oh, it is a topic of the rental server of Japan.

Posted by itachi193 at 8:28 AM KDT
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8 April 2008
Part-time job of Japan

We will guide the job offer and job hunting information on byte information such as web an, the Ricnabi dispatch, the service of temporary staffing, the dispatch, and the byte, etc. by temporary staffing and dispatch information.

人材派遣、派遣情報は、web anなどのバイト情報やリクナビ派遣、人材派遣のサービスや派遣、バイトなどの求人、求職情報をご案内しています。

Posted by itachi193 at 6:01 PM KDT
Updated: 8 April 2008 6:15 PM KDT
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6 April 2008

After fixing the immunity even if self-going bankrupt it, Alco systems are very few loan traders who have the possibility of financing it. The revival plan of the Alco system is paid to attention in the taboo. necessary of extravagant expectations.



Posted by itachi193 at 9:15 AM KDT
Updated: 6 April 2008 9:28 AM KDT
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5 April 2008
What is the diabetic?The diabetic is noted.

What is the diabetic? all..go out..take care


糖尿病とは? 糖尿病に注意は、糖尿病についての用語や、私の糖尿病体験談を通じて糖尿病は最初症状が全く出ないけど気をつけましょうというブログです。 

Posted by itachi193 at 12:08 PM KDT
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4 April 2008
It is English and is not good.

 As for the second contribution, Japanese was not displayed though the display of
Japanese used to be safe.

If English is not so understood after all, it is not good. It translated when it was strong in English and there was earnings method in Japan, too.




Posted by itachi193 at 11:46 AM KDT
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